Thursday, 9 February 2012

Utility/ Laundry Room Clean Up- Getting Started

As mentioned in SAHM (stay at home mum) post, I am nesting. In the Utility Room (a bit strange maybe).

We are getting our 2nd freezer on Thursday. So I have gotten the re-org/ cleaning underway.

The utility room has been a dumping ground for last few wintry months. You know those things that should have been put in garage/ outside, well it is just too cold for that, so last stop and dumping ground is Utility Room.

So I have had a few ideas- sketches with messy ideas and messy notes. I find sketching and making lists helps me get my ideas out and honed.
Wall 1 Plan

Wall 2 Plan

Wall 3 Plan

Wall 4 Plan
And have gotten lots of inspiration from the usual suspects- IKEA, YHL, Houzz and Pinterest.
YHL Laundry Room

So one thing we did was put up these industrial type hangers (IKEA) last summer. Brilliant for deck chair, clothes house when not in use, sun hat (oh I hope this summer is yummy and warm, I’m cold today!).

Wall 1 is my first to tackle. Broken down to tasks:

  • Using wall paper paste, paste up a number of art prints. (recently I ripped apart a 2011 Art book and will paste up images)
  • Remove the coat hanger- up from previous owners, boring brown with gold hooks. So paint vibrant colour- thinking vibrant pink, or turquoise. Remove hooks and use something else as a hanger- thinking dinosaurs are cool.
  • hooks


§  Light switch: clean and glue on a car to use to turn on switch, or cover with map/ art work, ideas are endless. Ala:
light switch plate
Light Switch

§  Ideally I would like to paint the kitchen door- we’ll see if we get around to that.
So lets see what we get done this week…

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