Friday, 3 February 2012

Snuggle Huggle Bell

We have been having a crazy week, many ups and downs.
I saw this on Pinterest and it hit a cord.
chaos --> change
We are definitely going through Chaos at the moment. So maybe a big development step is underway??

I am scared, overwhelmed, over tired and nervously searching for my LM in the devious eyes and smile looking back at me. And I'm a 30 year old mama, what must my LM be feeling?? He has been sick, in an ambulance, a hospital, teething like crazy, so i need to step back and just help him and care for him.

So my Hubby had a great reconnection idea. Set the timer on the oven throughout the day, to go off every 15/20 minutes. Then when it beeps, it is the "Snuggle Huggle Bell" and LM has to turn it off himself. Then comes the big hug!!, soft hugs, quick hugs, long hugs, messing hugs, pat and rub hugs (where LM pats and rubs my back whil hugging) and running hugs (where you both take a few steps back and then run to each other arms out for a huge hug). Love it all! So does LM, he now runs to oven every time it goes off to be lifted up to turn it off and initiates the hug.

So lots of topping up of his cup, ala Playful Parenting (by Lawrence J. Cohen).
Just went off- I got 3 running hugs. Ah Bliss!

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