Thursday, 2 February 2012

Sticker "Resist" Painting

Saw this great post,

Peaceful Parenting: Sticker "Resist" Painting

and decided to attempt same with LM. On a recent trip to the library, we got a nice book "Moonhorse".

Moon Horse

"Out of the night the shimmering Moonhorse appears, and a young girl leaves her father napping on the front porch to join the silver-winged horse on a wondrous adventure among the constellations. They gallop past stars and comets, past the Dipper and the Ram, then lasso the crescent moon and pull it across the clear night sky. At last the sleepy rider returns home safely and the Moonhorse disappears into the dark"

So LM has been all talk of flying horses and had learnt the proper name- Pegasus.

So I rolled out the sticker books and we picked out some relevant stickers- no flying horses, so we stuck a horse sticker on and some make shift wings, using sticky paper.

We then had some nice messy time, painting over the stickers, using paint brushes, pasta, plastic sticks- whatever was around. Then LMs attention turned to water play using the paint water, so we moved our play to the sink. Lots of fun.

messy play
As the paint was still wet, we decided to add some glitter to the page, to add to the magical feel.
The painting was left to dry while we made the necessary changes of wet clothes!

Nothing exciting to look at
but wait for it.....
Our magical Moonhorse painting.
Sticker Resist Painting
LM was chuffed! Job done. Might do again tomorrow with another book theme.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this with our LOVE BOOKS program. Can't wait to read this story with my little ones!


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