Books We Like

Baba/Toddler books we LOVE (suitable from birth- nothing scary)

  1. Guess How Much I Love You

Guess How Much I Love You

This is a gorgeous book, a competition between two nut brown hares as to who loves who more. Lovely illustrations. Hubby had originally got this for me years ago for a valentines pressy, and when we got pregnant with LM, Hubby read it to my belly every day, so LM could get to know his voice. Then when LM was born we read it to him a lot in the beginning.

  1. 10 Little Fingers and 10 Little Toes
Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes
I loved the idea behind this book, all little kiddies are the same no matter where they are born; they all have “ten little fingers and ten little toes”. This was the first book we bought LM I think, when he was a few weeks old. It has beautiful illustrations. Then at the end it shows a mama and baba and the mama kisses all it’s fingers and toes, and it’s button noise, great to copy.

  1. HUG

This was LM’s first favourite book and favourite for a long time.
Lovely story about a little monkey called Bobo who has lost his Mama and just wants a hug from her. Very little words- just images and the word “HUG”. You can elaborate as much or as little as you want. The illustrations are very expressive.
We went to France on holidays when LM was about 13 months, and were wandering around Carrefore (large department/food store- has everything) and they had a huge mammy and baby monkey teddy on sale- think it cost us €14 for set, couldn’t leave it behind. We then just had to squash all clothes into 2 carry cases, so we could fit monkeys in large suitcase!! A lot of sitting and squashing case. But LM still sleeps with Bobo, brings him to the zoo, beach and carries him in his sling (a scarf). So cute!!

  1. The Duck in the Truck
Duck in the Truck
Gorgeously written, beautiful rhyming and flows so easily. LM had the words learnt off very quickly and could sub in words if you left gaps. Now can “read” it (from memory) himself.

  1. by Oliver Jeffers
Love all this authors books, so simple, and really show the world from a child’s point of view, how crazy and wild their imaginations can be, our two favourites are:
    1. Lost and Found- a boy finds a penguin on his doorstep
            b.   Catch a Star- a boy tries desperately to catch a star

  1. My First Animals: Let's Squeak and Squawk (My First: Animals) (DK My First Board Books)
My First Animals: Let's Squeak and Squawk (My First: Animals) (DK My First Board Books)
LM loves animals, and we go to the Zoo regularly. He knows all his animals and some unusual ones too. This book is lovely and simple, animals separated into different groups- live on farm, desert, jungle, Australia, etc, also has a section on baby animals and animal noises. The pages are really chunky, so good for babies to look at themselves, when they can start to turn pages/ sit up themselves.

  1. by Julia Donaldson
Again another of my favourite children’s authors. Quite wordy books, so work well as bedtime stories- if your lucky they fall asleep before end, and before demanding just one more!! All have a lovely flow and musical quality to them. Again LM knows words off by heart.
Some of our favourites:
    1. The Monkey Puzzle- monkey who has lost his mama gets help from a butterfly
    2. The Whale and The Snail- adventurous snail wants to travel the world against advice of friends
    3. The Smartest Giant- all about a giant who tries to be like all the “smart” giants and gets a better set of clothes- ending with the giant realising that he was much more comfortably as he was. Nice moral lesson.                                                 

    1. The Gruffalo (we talk it up in a very positive happy nice voice, so the Gruffalo is not sinister, but just a big happy creature, but then we naively went to see a short film of this in cinema, and LM (aged 20 months at time) was quite scared. They took a more sinister take on it than we do. Whoops!!)
Nice story of the little man (or mouse in this case) taking on the big man (the fox, the owl and the snake in this case).

  1. draw me a star by Eric Carl
I love this book- LM probably not as much as me but does still like it a lot. Kind of about creation. Amazing drawings- same author as “Hungry Caterpillar”

  1. by Shirley Hennson
    1. Don’t Want to Go
             b.   Alfie Books- we have “Out and About”

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