Sunday, 18 March 2012

Take Notice of the Little things

On JDaniel4’s Mom blog Good Girl Gone Redneck wrote a lovely post on pausing from life for a moment, it made me well up.
So I thought I would take a few minutes to take note of the little things about my Little Man, the things we maybe take for granted, the things we need to treasure and bring to the fore of our brains for stressful/ tough days.

  • How soft my little man’s skin and hair is. I read somewhere that breastfeed babies have softer skin and that this continues as long as they breastfeed (found one reference there on Dr Sears website relating to initially babies skin:  not sure where I saw longer feed baby reference). I swear LM’s skin is as soft as the day I first met him.
  • Recently if I seem a little impatient, or am trying to convince him to do something he doesn’t want to do, like get into bed, he strokes my face and hair and says: “It’s ok Mama, it’s ok”. So lovingly.
  • Breastfeeding- all the quite time spent looking into each others eyes. Gives me (and him I believe) a lovely calming moment. (see post on breastfeeding)
  • Getting so excited and happy that his Dada is home from work that he drops everything to run and give him a hug. Making my hubby’s day. So sweet.
  • Eyelashes- my Little Man has the longest eyelashes I have ever seen, they would make Rimmel mascara jealous, and he has begun to use them. Unintentionally and unknowingly to him at the moment. When he wants something, he tilts his head flutters those lashes and puts on a cute voice. It is so adorable. He is so innocently cunning. I love it.
  • Unlooked for, Unasked for, Un-pleaded for hugs and kisses, just cause he wanted to give you one. It just makes my heart swell. At 2.5 he can be so affectionate and gentle.
  • Kissing/ hugging his baby brother or sister- no I haven’t given birth yet, he does this through my belly. He may be on the way to climb up on my lap for a cuddle, story or a feed and he pauses mid climb to embrace my belly. Then kiss it and sometimes talks to it.
  • Little man has 2 beauty spots (like largish freckles) since he was born. I have noticed another tiny freckle starting on his arm. I feel privileged that I (his mama) know that he had only 2 since birth, one on his right leg and one under his hair on the back of his neck. We call them funny spots. The idea is that when pushed it makes you laugh. Strange I know.

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  1. Aw, I love this, it is so sweet! And it is true - boys have the longest eyelashes! I found you on Cheri's blog hop, and am your newest follower, will you follow me back?


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