Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pinterest Week 2 Challenge: Scribble Pictures

 Last week I set myself a challenge:
"So the Challenge: To pick out one of the hundreds of pins relating to kids crafts/ activities on Pinterest and do this with my LM. One a week. "
Well this is our 2nd go...
Scribble Pictures

I found a lovely pin on pinterest,
scribbles framed by shape
and thought this would be a great use of the Little Man’s (LM) scribbles to make new art pieces, and a nice craft. I have a big pile of paper full of LM’s scribbles, put together on a recent tidy. And I was wondering what I could do with them, couldn’t make myself throw them out, and couldn’t think how to store them.
You will need:
  • White card
  • Coloured card
  • Cheap Ikea plastic kids frames
NYTTJA Frame IKEA Front protection in durable plastic; makes the frame safer to use.

  • Good few pages of kids scribble drawings
  • Scissors- kids one too!
  • Glue
  • Kids books- to get images from
How we did it:
  • Cut (LM has recently gotten very good using his little scissors) and tear some of the colourful scribble pages- lots of fun, develop fine motor skills and a good noise from tearing.

  • We then made them into a big pile and got out a fresh piece of card.

    • And glued (using the little rhyme “dot dot just a spot” or “dot dot not a lot”) all the small bits of paper into a nice collage. LM enjoyed it.

    • I then picked out some nice (and would look good in silhouette) images from two of his favourite books- The Jungle Book and By My Side Little Panda.
    By My Side,Little Panda
    By My Side Little Panda
    The Jungle Book (Disney the Jungle Book)
    The Jungle Book
    • I didn’t have any proper tracing paper, so I used normal greaseproof paper- works great. I traced the outline of the image using a pencil.
    • Then I turned the traced image over (so pencil side down) and put it onto the back of the scribble collage. And draw over the visible lines with the pencil ensuring the page stays in place (best to tape tracing to back of the collage page using masking/ painters tape).
    • When you then lift up the tracing paper, you will see the outline has transferred onto the page. Simply cut the image out, then turn over to see your scribble silhouette.
    • I then mounted the silhouette on another coloured piece of card and framed in a cheap plastic Ikea kids frame.
    • Jungle Book Scribble Art @
    • The 2nd one we did was a little more complicated as it was a panda and I wanted to show the white bits using scribble paper and the black bits using blue card to match the frame.

    Panda Scribble Art @


    1. This is wonderful!! I love how you themed it to his favorite books :-)

    2. I love this idea! My partner in crime, Emily would too. Especially since she has a three year old. I'll have to pass this along to her!

    3. I LOVE this idea! I never know what to do with the "art" my 3 year old makes! Thanks so much for linking up to Fun Stuff Fridays!

    4. Very cute!! They came out wonderfully. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!! I hope you will share with us again this week!

    5. This is such a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing it on Read.Explore.Learn.

    6. I love this idea! What a fun way to turn a scribbled drawing into a masterpiece to hang on the wall. I'm going to pin this to my board, I hope thats okay? Thank you for sharing! By the way I'm a new follower to your site. If you like you can stop by and visit me here...


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