Friday, 27 January 2012

Lacing / Threading Fun

LM is due to move up to the next room in his creche shortly, and they were mentioning they would be doing more activities that involve concentration and sitting still, one mentioned was lacing.
So I thought we could do some lacing activity at home. Here is what we did- very basic, and simple, but fun and kept LM entertained for a good while preparing and lots of hours fun playingwith Lacing game after.
Note this is a good activity to make with the babas, not prepare ahead yourself.
So here is what I used:
  • Laces- I got theses laces from Choice for €1.99, but they were on special 2 for 3, so really only €1.50.
  • 1 small cereal box
  • some coloured card
  • hole punch
  • lots of stickers- animals, cartoons, numbers, could also use letters
  • double sided tape

So firstly I let LM get on with whatever he was doing, and I cut the cereal box at one edge and folder it over on itself so back and front were plane cardboard. Stuck together using double sided tape.
I then stuck on some coloured card to brightn things up a bit.


Then I got LM involved, we punched holes all along the edges of the rectangular card, as see below. I then gave him a load of sheets of stickers from our craft box, mainly old ones, he usually gets very excited about stickers for a while, but then novelty wears off and I put them asides. So many good activities you can use stickers for.
Aside this was such a good buy- 1000 stickers, we got this one and the 1000 animal stickers aswell. sheets can be taken out as individua sheets or as book.
1000 Stickers
Great buy- lots of uses

So LM, with my prompting picked out a load of stickers. the ideas of the game is to match one sticker to another using questions. So something like:
  • How many legs does a Shetland Pony have? and then the lace would need to be connected between the pony and the number 4. So many possibilities.
some you can see below:
  • how many hooves do the 2 baby zebras have?
  • find the baby zebras Dada.
  • who is Donald Duck's best friend
  • how many sea horses are there?
  • how many lions are there in the pride?
  • how many ice cream cones are there?
  • what else has lion in it's name?
  • together how many feet do the crocodile and the cow?

... you get the idea, endless options.
The laces are threaded through through the top or side holes and stuck with sellotape.

 All the laces are then threaded through and the game can begin.

 I stuck an envelope on the back to store laces when not in use, and also wrote some Qs on back for ideas.

Anyone any other good activities using laces and threading, or other good ideas for teaching fine motor skills???

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