Saturday, 21 January 2012

IKEA Hack: Lamp shade

I wanted to do something quirky with our spare room. It is still a work in progress. One of the cheap accessories I personalised was a cheap paper IKEA VARMLUFT Lampshade.
I took a fit one evening after a long day out and about to paint this lampshade we had gotten a few weeks before.
So we got out some of LM’s paints, and put out red, blue and made up purple. And let LM hand print away. I then tried to do a stain glass effect with crepe paper on the inside. I also tried to cover the bottom with crepe paper to tidy it up and give a softer light, but was very tricky to do with out looking absolutely messy and silly. So I removed it. Still think I need to tidy up bottom- any ideas??
Simple but effective. Looks better when in use.

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